What We Stand For

Helping your company meet and exceed goals in food safety standards.

Food manufacturers are increasingly requiring their suppliers to be certified in food safety. Our goal is to provide quality consulting through to the certification process. Blaze-N-Dee brings more than 40 years of
food safety knowledge to each and every client. No
matter the size of your company or how long you
have been in business, Blaze-N-Dee will carefully
assess your operation through a GAP analysis, and
tailor your training to meet food safety standards.

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What We DO

1GAP ANALYSIS: Blaze-N-Dee will work together with your company by first assessing where your business stands. You cannot determine your company’s potential until you understand where you are today.

2BUSINESS PLAN: From these results, Blaze-N-Dee will create a business plan to determine the best way to achieve your food safety goals, including a timeline and actionable goals such as training and certification requirements.

3CONSULTING & TRAINING: Mentorship is essential for a company’s success. Blaze-N-Dee’s training through experience will help your staff become engaged in the process of food safety certification. Blaze-N-Dee offers continued assistance to companies that want to improve their customer satisfaction, internal performance and operational efficiency.

How Your Business Will Benefit

  • Receive an in-depth analysis of your business operations
  • Learn to effectively reduce or eliminate food safety hazards
  • Expand your knowledge of proper food handling techniques
  • Get on the path to increased profitability and efficiency
  • Experience less production downtime
  • Establish a reputation of quality and consistency with your customer base
  • Build trusting relationships with customers, vendors and suppliers