Control food safety hazards with thorough HACCP planning.

HACCP – Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points
HARPC – Hazard Analysis and Risk-based Preventive Controls

Every food production company will benefit from proper pre-planning; with an HACCP plan, a company puts in place control points at certain areas in production to prevent safety problems when it comes to biological, chemical or physical hazards. Blaze-N-Dee is able to work alongside your company to write a proper HACCP plan.

The six preliminary steps for any HACCP plan are:

  1. Assemble the HACCP team.
  2. Identify biological, chemical and physical hazards.
  3. Identify natural toxins, pesticides and allergens.
  4. Identify and develop a food defense program to reduce or eliminate the chance of intentionally introduced hazards.
  5. Develop a process flow diagram.
  6. Verify the diagram in the operation it is meant to represent.

For more information about HACCP planning, contact Blaze-N-Dee at (330) 606-2151.

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