Internal auditing keeps your business right on track.

How effective is your company’s current food safety program? The best way to find this out is through an internal audit. Blaze-N-Dee can train your internal auditors to conduct the internal audit required by SQF (Safe Quality Food) standards.

Initially, Blaze-N-Dee can either train your own internal auditors or conduct the internal audit for you. Auditors at Blaze-N-Dee are RABQSA-Certified Lead Auditors and are specialized experts in this field. Larger companies usually have their own internal auditors who are trained by us, while smaller companies ask for our auditors to do the job.

Internal audits are a great way to measure your company’s growth in food safety. Blaze-N-Dee will provide the feedback necessary for you to gain all the knowledge and confidence you need to maintain SQF standards and meet the requirements your customers are looking for.

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