How It Works

Compliance with today’s food safety and quality standards makes good business sense. 

Whether a customer has requested an audit of your company, or you’re ready to take your business to the next level, achieving certification is a smart business decision. Blaze-N-Dee will work together with upper management, operations and quality management to review your current status and future expectations.

Consulting, Quality Control & Compliance Services

In today’s food processing sector, more and more customers, suppliers and vendors are insisting that the companies they do business with be HACCP, SQF or ISO 22000 certified. 

Every company strives to produce a quality product that customers and consumers can trust. Blaze-N-Dee works with organizations large and small, up-and-coming or well-established, and domestic and international to prepare your operation to meet food safety certification and quality standards. The team at Blaze-N-Dee will work with your staff to help to get your company certified. Blaze-N-Dee will instill the confidence in food safety that every company needs in order to be successful and profitable.

Blaze-N-Dee’s services include:

  1. Conducting a GAP Analysis to find out where your business stands today;
  2. Developing a comprehensive timeline to help you reach your food safety goals;
  3. Providing training on the importance of hazard analysis and food safety;
  4. Expanding the knowledge of proper food handling techniques;
  5. Getting your business on its way to obtaining SQF certifications.
Call Blaze-N-Dee at (330) 606-2151 today to inquire about getting your organization on the path to proper certification.