Blaze-N-Dee offers assistance in writing customized Quality Manuals for food processing companies, carefully reviewing the current practices of YOUR individual company to the requirements of SQF (Safe Quality Food).

Blaze-N-Dee’s competent team will walk you through the intricacies of adapting to internationally recognized food safety standards, teaching you and your employees about the importance of writing a useful food safety and quality manual. Blaze-N-Dee does not claim that SQF is simple; however, our mission is to simplify SQF so that employees at all levels of your company understand it clearly, and benefit from it in day-to-day operations.

Blaze-N-Dee will implement SQF in a way that will reduce or eliminate food safety hazards and enhance the overall quality of your system. Often times, a consultant will come in, write a new quality manual and turn it over to company staff and say “Here is your new manual, which tells you how to do your job”. Unfortunately, the end result can be that a company will just go back to its old ways. Blaze-N-Dee will not come in and change your entire system to fit the standards. Instead, we will work with all areas of the company to write a food safety and quality manual that focuses on how your company operates, with the understanding that some changes may be necessary to comply with the SQF standards. Our goal is to help make your goals attainable, consistent and lasting.

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